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Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Posting

Hey Everybody,

I'm a 19 year old musician living in New York City. I dream of making it big like any good musician should and naturally I'm rather opinionated about the state of music, how music should be made, etc etc. I am a drummer, a novice guitarist, and learning vocals and to play the violin. This blog was created as an outlet for me to both reach prospective fans and comment on musical trends and the like as well as promote great bands that may not be as recognized as they should be. I apologize in advance if I veer from that fairly straightforward mission statement from time to time, I tend to think tangentially and like any blogger am eager for an audience with which to share my musings. So please, take some time to get to know me through this blog, find out about some great music you may not have heard of, and engage in discussions with me about music, life and the like.


  1. I want to learn guitar.. so far only have some exp with piano.

  2. fuck yeah dude,i also write and play music... playing guitars drums n bass... but now im a dj writing dub/house and trance under various pseudonyms...
    let your passion be your compass and manifest diestiny


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