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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cigars and A Playlist

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I took the opportunity today to just sit back and enjoy a good cigar and a playlist. The cigar wasn't anything special, but the playlist had me in a great mood. Some really good indie stuff, some blues courtesy of The Black Keys and a bit of hip hop thrown in (found through Matt Helders', aka The Agile Beast of the Arctic Monkeys, Late Night Tales Compilation). It's still wicked cold in New York and I had to sit in my car the whole time but hell, it put me in such a good mood I didn't give a damn. The playlist was as follows:

Viktor Vaughn: Vaudeville Villian
Zeph & Azeem: Play the Drum (sick sampling)
The Black Keys: 10 AM automatic
Bon Iver: Blindsided (favorite track off of For Emma Forever Ago)
The Felice Brothers: Frankie's Gun!
Teagan and Sara: Call it Off
The Books: Classy Penguin (check out the live version from Wall of Sound. Incredibly touching)
Menomena: Weird
Frightened Rabbit: The Loneliness
Minnie Ripperton: Reasons
Dr. Dog: Me and My Girl
Editors: Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors (because a playlist with a joke tickles me pink)

Recreate it and give it a whirl (I had it on shuffle) or comment with your favorite playlist.

P.S. Check out Matt Helders' Late Night Tales compilation and Late Night Tales in general. The Arctic Monkeys are one of my favorite bands and I love Helders' eclectic style of drumming. His compilation is well thought out and contemplative, plus the bonus spoken word piece by Alex Turner that rounds it off is like ear cocaine. 

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  1. Sometimes, nothing is better than good music and a good cigar.

  2. Common over here boy have a cigar your gonna go far.

    How to Hack Life.

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  4. Awesome song collection. I'd love to see your full list. Also, thanks for reminding me of the cigars I got for my birthday which I haven't touched in awhile. Hope they're still in good condition. Hope you enjoyed yours!

  5. I still have a box of cohibas from my cuba trip :)

  6. Great blog, Im gonna start following you!! Check out mine blog too if youd like.

  7. Nice man, saved the list for later.

    U Laugh U Lose

  8. Been meaning to get into the Black Keys for a while, heard they had a great album last year, might have to check them out

  9. I had a Gispert Corona, reaaaallly cheap. And the Black Keys are great too. Brothers is one of the best mixed albums I've heard in recent memory (I believe that's what you're referring to.)

  10. Ahh yes. A nice cigar on a starry night with good tunes and good people. Not many things beat it.

  11. What kinda cigars are we talkin about here? not swisher sweets i hope.


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